Saturday, February 7, 2009


I've started on my first visual-arts project in years. I notice a little of the old rigidity-leading-to-frozen-nothingness pattern, but surprisingly quite a bit less of it than I remember. In contrast is an inner freedom that's small but hopefully pushing through - the freedom to try this or that paint and just see how it goes, or to play with images or words I like to make them fit my vision. I'm watching with considerable joy. I'll show pictures when it's done but for now it's under wraps!

Today I got my confirmation for the Squam Art Workshop and actually felt giddy at the thought of it being only four months away! I got all of my first choice workshops, which means one day each of fiber, fabric and paint. Checking out my workshops again I came across the website for one of the teachers (, and you have got to check this out: since sometime in 2006, she has created a painting a day. I am just enamored with the sweetness and depth in these paintings. I hope you enjoy them too.

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